Pryzd Clothing - Support truth.



Pryzd is a New Orleans based entity built to advocate the
exploration of truth and to disrupt the exploitation of ignorance.


Thoughts and Products

Fancy language aside, Pryzd is the acknowledgement that any possibility is "the answer." Clearly, there is something wrong in our world. So, the need to question and explore the atypical is evident. Our society is bound to a stagnant, unbalanced, cycle of "competition" that has become detrimental to our progression. The playing field here is in no way even. In order to simply survive, the masses conform to preset traditions without questioning "why?". With Pryzd, we want to produce designs, as well as generate ideas, to help break these cycles of mindless tradition, help spark innovation by asking questions, and help catalyze progression, so that one day this system of competition becomes a system of collaboration. After all, we're all on the same team.

Support truth.


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